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5 Cantilever Rack Best Practices: How To Maximize Storage Space

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks manage loads of varying lengths and weights easily with accessibility from the front so you aren’t restricted by traditional uprights. It is ideal for storing long or heavy items like pipes or tubing. Use a double-sided cantilever solution to add even more storage. The arms are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to store your raw materials or finished goods.

What is a cantilever rack?

A cantilever is a swinging arm or clamp that contains a single point of attachment. The arms are a great way to store materials, products, supplies, lumber, and more. They are fast, easy, and inexpensive to install in your shop and provide quick and easy storage for loads. They’re perfect for inventory, staging, storage or building storage, as well. The problem with cantilever racks The problem with cantilever racks is that they can present challenges when you need to find materials. How do you know if you have the right amount of space when putting out stock? Do you see the entire length of the shelf when you look up? Cantilever racks can work for you if your shelves are tall enough.

The benefits of a cantilever rack

4 Benefits of pallet racks These can be made from any number of materials including steel, aluminum, wood or plastic. They come in a variety of forms, which make them adaptable. Generally, the shorter your items, the shorter the shelf height. Cantilever racks can come in either upright or slanted versions. Where one might expect to get a 10-inch height from an upright version, slanted versions can range as short as 3 inches. Typically, they can be stacked in threes or horizontally in stacks. The advantages of a cantilever rack Because of the width of the cantilever, the materials used to make them are typically more expensive. Typically, cantilever racks are only available in full-width versions, which are limited in a few regards.

Why choose an overhead rack?

An overhead rack offers much of the same benefits of cantilever racks, but in a box that is portable. You can easily move the rack from room to room, whether in your shop or home. The rack includes sturdy metal rails and runs on a thick steel beam, which provides maximum structural strength. It will support loads up to 25 kilograms or 53 pounds and is readily accessible from both the front and the sides. This rack can be arranged in a variety of ways and is great for storing products ranging from hardware and plumbing supplies to masonry material or construction-grade steel.

How to use c-shape racks

Quick tips for using c-shape racks 1. Option 1: The 3-tier storage system This is a traditional cantilever rack with 3 tiers. You can choose the placement to maximize the storage capacity and access the storage area from both sides. The top tier is narrow (5-inch wide), so just add pieces of wood to create a column at the top. You can simply use a thin piece of wood to define the space, but remember to secure the pieces so that they don’t fall over. 2. Option 2: Add storage on both sides Option 2 is when you add storage on both sides. The 2-tier system means that you have 2 entrances that you can choose. Your pieces of wood can be placed at different heights, so they aren’t exactly the same height, but they are still uniform enough that they will fit together.

How to use double-sided racks

Double-sided or cantilever racks consist of a single rigid arm or legs and usually 3 to 5 cylindrical shelves that hold material and prevent it from shifting as you load it. Pick a rack to suit your requirements and your storage space. These are the most common size adjustable cantilever racking solutions to choose from, including 10′, 10′ x 10′ and 14′. Keep in mind that these are square feet, so make sure you size the shelves to get the storage space you need. Convertable-Reinforced 2×4 12′ to 16′ Rowell Storage Rack 11′ to 16′ Double-Cantilever In 1 16′ to 20′ Ursa Units Sits on side of garage Wall-Mountable 12′+16′ Measurements: Double-sided rack 8 ft x 8 ft; 6 in x 6 in, Horizontal Storage Rack 9 ft x 12 ft, 5 in x 5 in, Horizontal Storage Rack 1 ft.


Recycling aluminum, steel, and steel cans is becoming more commonplace, but to maximize storage space, having an integrated utility rack like the one featured above can help. The racks in this guide work great for an indoor or outdoor system, while the S-Series racks come with an adjustable crossbar for additional reinforcement. A sturdy metal hanging bar to help direct long goods like pipes or tubing where you need them can help free up valuable space in the vertical cabinet. An integrated utility rack like this from Bath Fitter can help keep things organized and prevents items from cluttering up your drawers and shelves. Plus, it’s a cost-effective way to store and manage your supplies and building supplies. Learn more in our guide on how to hang a utility rack.