Custom Mezzanine

Custom Mezzanines: Choose A Perfect Design For Your Business

Custom Mezzanines Designs

Custom mezzanines can be built to fit your specific needs, whether you require more space or additional storage, our custom mezzanines are created to abide by building codes.

This brand-new level offers you the additional square footage for nearly anything you require, including offices, without taking up any extra space on the warehouse floor. By minimizing clutter in your storage facility, you can prevent office accidents, keep warehouse injuries to a minimum, and decrease damage to equipment. Our warehouse mezzanines are created and manufactured to meet OSHA and/or IBC codes.

Section 1: Why Consider A Mezzanine?

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Mezzanine?

2-Story Warehouse Mezzanine: With this plan, you can reduce the amount of floor space you need, while improving the efficiency and ease of operation of your warehouse. By installing a second floor in your warehouse, you can get more storage without a significant increase in square footage. Additionally, the area above the second floor can be used as extra storage space or used for a break room.

4-Story Warehouse Mezzanine: If you have been struggling with less storage space, our custom warehouse mezzanines can help you create a warehouse that is more efficient, productive, and secure. By installing this type of mezzanine, you can increase your warehouse storage and office space without increasing square footage.

Planning For A Mezzanine Installation

With more and more businesses opting for some kind of mezzanine, you’re bound to be faced with a question sooner or later: “Do we need an additional mezzanine, or do we just need another floor?”

Regardless of whether you have room to add a second floor, the same question will likely arise. We find that customers are often concerned about the size of their warehouse or loading dock, so we recommend having a mezzanine installation from the ground up, if possible.

Choosing Your Mezzanine Design

Choosing the right mezzanine design depends on the space and purpose you require for your mezzanines. First, determine how many mezzanines you need. Calculate how many mezzanines you need by multiplying the number of storage units by the square footage of the warehouse you have to fit them. To calculate the cost, divide the cost by the number of mezzanines you need.

If you have only one unit of storage space, you can create a square foot-sized mezzanine that has a storage unit in the middle and a horizontal surface on the top. For example, if you are using one storage unit, you can choose the lower-cost mezzanine that holds approximately 1.8 x the cost of one unit of storage space and has a storage unit on the bottom.

Choosing Your Mezzanine Supplier

When selecting a mezzanine supplier, the first thing to consider is quality. You need to choose the mezzanine supplier that has the quality of products and manufacturing process that will allow for a professional and safe installation process. Avoid manufacturing and installation companies that are inexperienced. Ensure you select a mezzanine supplier who is able to offer you the full spectrum of services, including installation. The right mezzanine supplier will also guide you throughout the process from design to installation to long-term maintenance of your facility.

You may select a supplier who offers two-post or five-post fabrication, providing a wide range of architectural styles to fit your needs.

Know your local building codes

In the event you’re unsure about how your local building codes impact your custom mezzanine, please contact us to arrange a meeting and walk you through our mezzanine design options.


With steel mezzanines, you can secure storage facilities by adding a secondary second floor which is permanently affixed to your building structure. Not only does the security benefit help secure your tenants from theft, but it also gives you peace of mind, knowing that a criminal would have to climb over a second-floor safety railing to access your storage facility floor.


As with all steel products, steel mezzanines are incredibly strong.

Know your state building codes

You must know your state building codes. Every state has different requirements for building materials, flooring, and structure. Your building and warehouse mezzanines must conform to these codes in order to keep the health and safety of your employees in mind. If you are looking for mezzanines to be installed in a business, you will need to know your state building codes.

Conforming to regulations

Choosing a mezzanine solution from Sherwin Williams depends on two things: the building code in the state you are looking to install your mezzanine in, and the different types of mezzanines you are interested in. Just because Sherwin Williams has mezzanines available for all states does not mean that you have to choose one from that list.